Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Self Confessed Gleek

Hello dearies!

My favourite TV show at the moment has to be Glee, I'm in love with the cheesy story lines and even more cheesy songs, watching re-runs in the morning always helps put a spring in my step!

Therefore whilst shopping in H&M today I recognised their new baseball jacket (right) immediately, it's almost identical to the uniform in Glee! I'd throw this jacket over a casual black vest paired with either dark skinny jeans or some vintage Levi shorts for a cute and preppy look.

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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Lost Things

I find this video beautiful, creative and inspiring...

What are your favourite youtube videos?



My Oh My McQueen

Although it deeply upsets me the man himself is gone, it's great to see the Alexander McQueen brand go from strength to strength 

I love the trend of mixing together feminine designs with a rock and roll edge, and the detailing on the knuckles finishes the bag off perfectly.  View the rest of the collection here 

Oh, and the perfect bag requires the perfect shoes:

Monday, 3 January 2011

Spotlight on...Style Stalker

Katy Perry has amazing style. Fact.

So imagine how pleased I was to find out Australian brand Style Stalker (Creater of the lovely dress Katy is pictured wearing above) is available in both the UK and US! I'd recommend the brand to anyone, for unique pieces you're unlikely to see girls wearing all over town. 

My favourite piece at the moment would have to be the Coyote Dress, for an effortless yet stylish look.

All my love,


7 Winter Warmers

1. Nivea Pearl & Shine I love this lip-balm, it keeps my lips hydrated and adds a subtle shimmer
2. Hunter Wellies Invest in a pair of high-quality wellies, such as Hunter,  for a look that will look chic every winter!
3.Clarins Hand & Nail Treatment I swear by this product, it's worth the extra pennies for ultra soft hands, plus it doubles up as a nail strengthener
4. Topshop PomPom Scarf Look cute whilst staying warm with this affordable scarf
5. Barbour Carbon Polarquilt Jacket Pair this jacket with the Hunter wellies to look Farmer chic
6. Topshop Fingerless Snowflake Gloves Incorporate the Alpine look daily with these gloves
7. Urban Outfitters Floral Eco Cup A unique and eco friendly cup for your warming morning coffees

What are your must haves for the cold season?

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Sunday, 2 January 2011


Hello Sweethearts!

Happy new year! I thought the beginning of 2011 would be a perfect time to start my first blog, so welcome to Je suis Emma! Being a rather spontaneous person, I doubt I can set limits on what my blog will contain, but I promise to always try keep things fun and fresh!

Also, I am aware the grammatically correct way for me to introduce myself in French would be "Je'm appelle Emma", however I have always preferred "Je suis Emma", which directly translates to "I am Emma." It creates more of an impact, don't you think?

All my love,

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